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Fresh Gherkin

Fresh Gherkin

We supply and export Fresh Gherkin from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Gherkins are traditionally served cold, as the cooked form loses its intense flavour. Pickled variety of gherkins is very popular in Eastern and Central Europe. We supply gherkins preserved in Natural Alcohol Vinegar, Brine, Acetic Acid.

Available Sizes - Fruit count per kg. 5/10, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/60, 60/120, 120/160, 160/300, and 300+


  • Gherkins in Acetic acid in 220, 240, 260 in food grade, HDPE Barrels
  • Gherkins in Natural Vinegar in 220, 240, 260 in food grade, HDPE Barrels
  • Gherkins in Brine in 220, 240, 260 in food grade, HDPE Barrels
  • Available in Tin, Cans, Barrels and Bottle Jars.

Load ability - 1×20 feet container can load 20MT (80 HDPE Barrels)
Payment Terms - 50% Advance and Balance 50% after BL Scan Copy
Port of Loading & Supply Capacity

  • Tuticorin Port
  • Weekly 5*20 Feet containers supply capacity

Health benefits

  • Low in Saturated Fat, and Cholesterol
  • High in Vitamin K and Vitamin A but also high in Sodium   


Uses of Gherkins

  • Gherkins are traditionally served cold, as cooked gherkins lose their intense flavor rapidly. Pickled gherkins are served to accompany other foods, often in sandwiches. They are historically associated with Central European and, occasionally, Eastern European cuisine, but are now found more widely.
  • Sometimes also called a cornichon (the French word for gherkin), they have historically also been called horned cucumbers, true gherkin has palmately lobed leaves with toothed edges, small flowers, and furrowed, prickly fruits about five centimeters (two inches) long that are borne on crooked stalks.Although its fruit is also pickled, the plant is frequently grown only as a curiosity.
  • Gherkins are grown only in South India, where the ideal soil type and the desirable temperatures of not less than 15 degrees centigrade and not more than 35 degrees Centigrade. These are found mainly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The climatic conditions which are prevalent throughout the year, render this region ideal to take up three crops of gherkins annually.

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